COLOUR CONVERSION What is the Difference between RGB, CMYK and Spot colour? RGB is the colour gamut used to display images on computer screens, and stands for Red, Green and Blue. CMYK is the colour gamut used for conventional printing, and stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Pantone Spot Colours are special pre-mixed inks, […]

Our litho print uses a process called Hybrid Screening. We can combine the defined detail that the finer line screening FM (Stochastic) offers with the smoothness of gradients and solids that can only be achieved with traditional AM screening. The combination produces an overall crisper and dazzling end result. We print to meet ISO12647-2 colour […]

A Day in the Life of ....A Colour Technician

Tradeprint built its early reputation on an almost fanatical drive for colour and print perfection. And that obsession is still a hallmark of Tradeprint today and, especially, those in our pre-press department. Every day we receive hundreds of orders, and every day we process millions of bytes of data, analysing PDFs from morning to night […]